CEO Speech

Dear friends:


On behalf of Liuyishou, I sincerely welcome you to become a member of this big family, Liuyishou!

Through staff s struggle, Chongqing Liuyishou Dining Management Co., Ltd. has become a large chain enterprise with nearly 400 branch restaurants and over 20,000 employees, reputed all over China. Your join-in enlarges the team of Liuyishou and enhances the confidence of Liuyishou to win during the fierce competitions. Liuyishou will be deemed to have a bright future through mutual exchange and study.


To Be a Learning Hot Pot King is the grand objective that we pursue!

Earnest, Quick and Faithful is the working style that we stick to!

We will Do Our Best for Your Satisfaction is the service principle that we adhere to!

Join Us Successfully and Be a Friend of Us is the straightforward quality that we insist!

Progress Comes from Diligence and Business Develops from Honesty is the reason why we survive!

Honesty First and Customer Value Foremost is the supreme belief we persist in!

We are making every effort to provide you with service and support because we are a family with the same dream!

Dear friends! Let us work together with absolute sincerity for Liuyishous bright future!

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