Chongqing Liu Yixin Hot Pot is a famous brand specializing in hot pot chain founded by Mr. Liu Song, founder of Liu hand Group. Chongqing Liu Yixin hot pot some meal model and buffet two business models. Since the establishment of the enterprise, many major media reports, including CCTV, Chongqing TV Station, Chengdu TV Station, Hainan TV Station, Finance and Economics TV and so on. He has won honorary titles such as "Chinese famous Hot Pot", "Chongqing famous Hot Pot", "quality and Safety demonstration Unit", "Love Enterprise" and so on. Chongqing Liu Yixin hot pot is also known as "silent service theme hot pot". Since the establishment of brand enterprises, it has solved the employment problem for thousands of disabled groups. It has been highly concerned by government departments, the leadership of the disabled federation and the public in the media.

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